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Benefits to Getting Pet Insurance

Have you ever considered getting insurance for your pet? While pet insurance was once considered a niche product for super-spoiled furballs, it’s really starting to catch on as more and more people realize how helpful it can be. Prepare for … Continue reading

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Should You Shave Your Dog for Summer?

You might think a trip to the groomer to get rid of some of that fur will help your dog chill out in the heat of summer. But it turns out that’s a myth. A summer shave can actually make … Continue reading

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Human Foods that Cats Can Eat

It may be hard for you to resist your cat with a special treat from the dinner table. There are various human foods which are good as well as nutritious for your feline friend. Here are some human foods which … Continue reading

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Dangerous Plants

Some of the flowers and plants growing in your garden or blooming in your vases could cause serious harm to your pet. It is important for all dog and cat owners to be extra vigilant about keeping dangerous plants out … Continue reading

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